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Project Description
SQLExport makes it easier for developers to write and execute database queries against common .Net Providers including MSSQL, Oracle and SqLite.
You'll no longer have to use a different editor for each provider.
It's developed in c# with .Net 3.5.

Originally written for exporting SQL data sets to csv, this project has grown to include many help full features for dealing with data and databases. SQLExport is similar to many other SQL tools in it's feature set including syntax highlighting, database table and column listing, transaction and connection management. It differs by providing an interface between the UI and the data provider enabling connection to different data sources.

Future Enhancements
Some of these features have been implemented, however they are neither feature complete nor defect free.
  • Linq data adapter - an alternative to using SQL to query a data source (Implemented but not currently in the release)
  • Visual Stutio add-in - all the functionality of SQLExport from within VS 2008 (Implemented but not currently in the release)
  • New configuration dialog using WPF (Replaces an existing feature)
  • Start-up configuration wizard with add-in auto detection.

Getting Started

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