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Getting Started

As yet there is no configuration wizard, so here is a step-by-step guide for getting SQLExport up and running:
  1. Download the latest release or check out the source and run the application
  2. Select the Options menu item to bring up the existing Options Dialog. This dialog has suffered from bit rot and needs a revamp, see the future enhancements on the Home page
  3. Click the Open Config File button, this will bring up the Setting.xml file in which ever program is associated with xml.
  4. Open up the Example Setting.xml file that is provided with the project
  5. Replace the Adapters section in the Setting.xml file with the one in the Example Setting.xml file
  6. Save Setting.xml and click the "Cancel* button on the Option Dialog, then restart SQLExport

It is now just a matter of using the Options Dialog to configure some data sources.

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